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Emotional intelligence is the key to creating positive relationships both with yourself and with others. We need to teach kids social emotional skills! Hello, my name is Helen Maffini and I am an educationalist passionate about improving children's emotional intelligence. I am the co-author of the book Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence and the author of Sammy's Next Move.

Why is social emotional learning important? Imagine having the strategies and tools you need to manage yourself and your emotions when you are feeling upset, angry or irritated! Learning how to improve your literacy and being able to read others faces and body language so you know how to handle situation to your best advantage is a key concept.

The purpose of this site is to help both teachers and parents to develop the skills at home and school to help ALL children succeed and be happy through better emotional development.

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Emotional Intelligence Skills

As a parent or an educator developing the EI of a child is one of the greatest gifts available. Research shows people who have these skills are the ones who are happy and successful in life. Of course academic achievement is important too, but EI skills are the ones that differentiate people, that lead to more happiness and success.

Competences that are especially important are developing intrinsic motivation, managing reactions to events, reading body language, showing empathy, improving self-reflection and self-awareness and pursuing your "big" goals.

Learning how to manage stress through strategies such as meditation is another important part of developing EI. We want children to be happy and optimistic and there are many activities we can do with or teach students and children about, to help these attributes develop. Reaching children using a variety of methods including bibliotherapy, poetry, or art are all explored on this site!

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